PLC Systems

Our design team has been incorporating programmable logic controllers in their control systems for many years and have considerable experience in programming the majority of the major PLC manufacturers products available in the marketplace today.

We research new products as they are launched to ensure that the latest technology is always available to our customers while ensuring that after-sales advice and assistance is on hand for every installation, giving top quality service coupled with complete peace of mind.

In addition to the above we can also provide soft PLC integration – this technology brings the PLC to the personal computer back plane. Couple this with a SCADA package and you have a control system which can communicate via various industry standard media networks, commonly used are: Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet and ASI.

We have vast experience in process control systems which incorporate safety shutdown circuits, integrated PID control loops, and dual redundant systems – all of which can be monitored via SCADA overview systems.

Harness these product solutions to an intelligent motor control centre and you have reliable and cost effective fully integrated solutions.

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