We have incorporated human machine interfaces (HMIs) in many systems over the years and have built up considerable knowledge and experience in this field. HMIs allow the customer to have an informative, flexible interface with their machinery. By utilizing HMIs we can provide advanced control information including route selection, recipe, limited trending, alarm information/history and much more. These systems allow straight forward control coupled with easy fault-finding facilities and are tailored to suit clients’ individual requirements.

Where customers require higher levels of information and control, our team of engineers are able to offer system control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) developed from all the major manufacturers. SCADA allows high levels of control information, plus logging of alarms, together with large volumes of data such as temperature, level and flow. This data is recorded and stored to enable analysis of quality and trending over weeks, months or years. Systems are designed and programmed to exactly match client’s needs.

As with all equipment, full support is provided by our experienced
and qualified engineers. This is available on several levels from telephone assistance to engineers attending your site. Modem
support is also available which enables our engineers to dial into a customer’s system, diagnose faults remotely, and on certain systems even update software. Although this method of support requires additional hardware, this can be designed into new solutions or retro-fitted to an existing plant.