MIAC Automation is a prominent supplier of complete industrial automation solutions, over 35 years of System Integrator worldwide.
These include the production of electrical control panels and switchboards, the development of software for control and monitoring systems and the development of PC software for industrial IT applications.

We are specialists in Electrical design, manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions incorporating multiple variable speed drives,
Electrical Panels, PLCs and SCADA with a vast experience of integration to higher business systems such as MES system.


M.I.A.C. Automation executes projects with the highest quality without exceeding customer budget and schedule expectations.

We have the experience to work within client standards or create our own to provide easily integrated engineering solutions for brownfield to greenfield projects. small remote sites to large. full-scale facilities.

Electrical Engineering

Control Panels


Installation & Commissioning

Turn-Key Projects

MES, OEE, Track and Trace

Industry 4.0

Pick to Light

Service and Support


MIAC Automation has over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing, operations and business management.

We offer you a partnership with built on trust, know-how, quality, service and safety through communication and information.

Established in 2001, MIAC Automation has an outstanding record of successfully completed projects.
We are specialist in Electrical design, Manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions for a wide range of industries.

MIAC Automation supplies well documented and fully functional automation systems, based on open standards and accessible platforms

We offer a unique blend of talent to help you and your company install brand new, or upgrade existing, industrial control systems.

Our services include Thin Client integration, PLC programming, HMI development, embedded systems.

SCADA, MES, OEE, Server applications, Services and Training

We design and build instrumentation and control systems for Food and Beverage, water, wastewater, brewery, cement, paper mining, forestry, manufacturing, and other industrial applications, as well as providing the associated testing, documentation, installation supervision, operator training, and maintenance services to support these systems.