PCSCHEMATIC Automation, is an advanced electrical CAD software for automation, installation, pneumatics and hydraulics.

The electrical CAD software, PCSCHEMATIC Automation, makes drawing your electrical wiring diagrams easy. It also makes it easy for you to maintain an overview of your electrical designs.

Generally speaking, the electrical CAD software is designed from the basic concept of setting you free to focus on the electrical design, while the program handles the practical side.

Beyond the basic drawing functions, Automation offers you a comprehensive series of functions specially designed for electrical projectsInternational electrical design drawing standards can be supported easily as an integrated part of the software.

Electrical CAD

software for documentation of key and power control circuit diagrams, switchboard drawings, PLC circuits, electrical installations, EIB and IHC installations, plus documentation of burglary and fire installations – with automatic update of tables of contents, components lists, parts lists and any other type of lists.

CAD software for documentation of diagrams and component placement with features like wirelist generation (wide range of formats), backannotation, and automatic generation of table of contents, component and part lists.

PCschematic ELautomation Flex is designed for small electrical projects, but contains the same functions as PCschematic ELautomation

With PCschematic PowerDistribution you can easily create and maintain the survey over power installations. All you need to know is how to move a folder in Windows, and you will become familiar with the program in a few minutes.

Electrical Standards

Information about standards:

Order the book “Electrical doc. acc. to Standards”

Electrical Standards

Information about standards:

Order the book “Electrical doc. acc. to St

Electrical CAD software design

We also develop CAD-applications based on PCschematic.

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We are also a professional PCB layout agency. Over 20 years of experience.