Overview and navigation

  • Project oriented: All parts of a project gathered as pages in a single file – including diagrams, mechanical pages, lists, tables of contents, chapter dividers etc.
  • Enhanced Explorer window: For easy navigation between projects and project pages, and for finding symbols etc. in project pages
  • Object Lister for survey of any type of object in the documentation – and for editing texts. (Texts can also be edited by clicking on the individual texts)
  • Online references: Click and jump to the other symbols for a component, or click in a list and jump to the component
  • Show available window: Direct access to all components used in the project, which still have available symbols

Templates, subdrawings and automatic project generation

  • Standard project, page and list templates – just drag them into your electrical projects
  • Subdrawings / subdiagrams with attached article data– also with different sets of model data for each subdrawing
  • Create full projects just by dragging in pages, subdrawings, lists and subprojects (Module and Model Based Drag’n Draw)
  • Automatic project generation via project definition file – e.g. via Excel
  • Panelrouter (optional)

Drawing headers, lists, import/export

  • Automatic list update: Of tables of contents, parts lists (BOM), components lists, terminals lists, cables lists, labels and PLC lists. Any of these lists can be defined by you
  • Excel/XML/text files can be exported for all of the mentioned list types
  • Drawing headers for any type of project page can be defined freely
  • Automatic generation of graphical terminal, cable and connection plans
  • Export of wirenumbers
  • Print labels via Excel or via e.g.CLIP PROJECT Marking or M-Print PRO

Databases, components and symbols

  • 48 component manufacturer databasesfor PC|SCHEMATIC
  • Electrical and mechanical symbols for each component in the database
  • Symbol pickmenu for all multi-function components in the database – just click and place the symbols (with attached article data)
  • Advanced copying: All symbols are renamed intelligently – e.g. when copying symbols and areas, or when inserting subdrawings, subprojects and projects. Attached article data are included when copying
  • Automatic load of mechanical symbols for the used components – handled by the database
  • Number of cable wires and colour codes controlled by the database
  • Easy search for / editing of data for symbols and components
  • Automatic documentation of symbol libraries and symbols in projects
  • Comprehensive IEC/EN symbol libraries
  • Design your own symbols
  • Database program Included – for handling e.g. Access files
  • ODBC + MDAC interface for communication with database systems

Drawing functions in the electrical CAD software

  • Easy to get familiar with the program
  • Easy to create and maintain the documentation
  • Existing documentation reused intelligently
  • Automatic naming of all types of symbols
  • Handling of subnames on symbols – including individual references
  • Automatic update of current path numbers in symbol names possible
  • Reference crosses or contact mirrors with online references
  • Replace symbol function: On project or page level, and for individual symbols
  • Handling of multi-layer terminals – electrically, mechanically and in lists
  • Mounting correct drawing – with option to display in “dot” drawing mode
  • Counting functions in numerous numbering systems
  • Single-line diagram features
  • Lines are closed automatically when moving symbols or areas
  • Router: Automatic drawing of connecting lines when placing symbols
  • Aligning, spacing and trimming functions
  • Handling of jumper links and busbars
  • Automatic wire numbering function
  • Intelligent handling of reference designations – also when you make changes and merge project files
  • Design check (online check also available)
  • Watch motor control videos hereor at thePCSCHEMATIC YouTube channel

PLC features in the electrical CAD software

Electrical installation

  • Import/export of DWG/DXF files (Member of OpenDWG alliance)
  • Drawing with elevation displayed in 2D or isometrically
  • Unit drawings
  • Pages for mechanical layout and ground plan drawings
  • Measurement objects
  • Drawing in layers
  • Design a panel, and the panel layout is generated automatically
  • Single line diagrams drawn automatically based on panel layout
  • Document small switchboards and panels according to EN61439-1 and 3 concerning power dissipation calculation and more
  • Watch electrical installations videos hereor at thePCSCHEMATIC YouTube channel

Revision control, passwords, text translator, OLE objects and applications


  • Import/export of DWG/DXF files (member of Open DWG Alliance)
  • Export of PDF files with component data and active links in the documentation
  • FreePC|SCHEMATIC Viewer

Using the program

Netversions only

  • Flexible sharing of net license keys
  • License tanking
  • Administrator control