PCSCHEMATIC Automation and electrical design drawing standards

When you use electrical CAD design software, you need to follow the electrical design drawing standards. It is very important that your electrical CAD supports you in following the standards easily. If not, you’re in for a lot of extra work:

The CAD software handles the electrical drawing standards

And it is not just for fun that you have to document correctly. The latest tightening up of the EU standards has implied that you can no longer have your machines CE-approved, when the documentation does not meet the EU electrical drawing standards. Therefore, Ove Larsen has automatic support of IEC/EN/ISO norms and standards as a top priority during the development of the electrical design software, PCSCHEMATIC Automation.

Intelligent support of Reference Designations

“To the horror of most electricians,” Ove Larsen continues, “it has now become mandatory to use reference designations for structuring the electrical documentation. The good news is, however, that it is not so hard to grasp the general concept behind reference designations, and that the program contains facilities, which makes following the international standards easy.”

You almost have to be a professor to create correct electrical documentation these days, without using a good electrical design software
– Ove Larsen, CEO

The scope of the reference designations can be for entire project pages, as well as for selected areas within the pages. The consequences this might have for symbol names in areas with reference designations, are handled automatically by the program.